Complete Collection 1957 – 1963 Perth Mint Copper Proofs
Private Collection Perth
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The Perth proofs come high on our list of recommendations to clients. So high that when Melbourne journalist Anthony Black asked Coinworks to list ten coin rarities that were priced below $ 10,000 - and were destined for growth – the Perth Mint proofs struck between 1957 and 1963 were at the very top of our list. Available individually. The option is yours to select.
  • 1957 Perth Proof Penny (two are available) -  $3500
  • 1958 Perth Proof Penny -  $3500 . SOLD
  • 1959 Perth Proof Penny -  $3500 . SOLD
  • 1960 Perth Proof Penny and Halfpenny FDC -  $4950 .
  • 1961 Perth Proof Penny and Halfpenny FDC -  $4950 .
  • 1962 Perth Proof Penny and Halfpenny FDC -  $4950 .
  • 1963 Perth Proof Penny and Halfpenny FDC -  $4950 .

These are limited edition collector coins: a popular choice amongst our clients, in particular those that want to tuck something truly special away for children or grandchildren.

The key to their success is their rarity. And the extreme rarity of top quality pieces.

  • The mintages of the 1957, 1958 and 1959 Perth Pennies are 1112, 1028 and 1030 respectively which are indeed tiny mintages.
  • The mintages of the 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963 Perth Penny and Halfpenny pairs are 1030, 1040, 1064 and 1100 respectively which again are indeed tiny mintages.
  • At least seven out of every ten Perth proofs that we sight are assessed by us as being inferior for quality, mishandled, toned and harshly spotted thereby reducing the pool of quality examples to a truly minuscule number.

It has to be said that the task of putting this collection together to such a consistently high standard would normally take years. Available individually. The option is yours to select.


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