Circa 1860 Gold Taylor Shilling, plain edge
Circa 1860 Gold Taylor Shilling, plain edge
Circa 1860 Gold Taylor Shilling, plain edge
Brilliant FDC
Murdoch Collection, Strauss Collection, Hadley, Private Collection Sydney
$ 375,000
The W J Taylor Shilling struck in gold is one of Australia’s greatest and most prestigious coin rarities. Struck with a plain edge, it is unique. Furthermore, it one of the most compelling coins you will ever see, presented in a brilliant state of preservation. It is a work of art. Magnificent mirror fields, the portrait of Queen Victoria deeply etched. (Some say her most beautiful PORTRAIT.) The coin is history in your hands.
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So what are the buying options in this area of the market? Just two of the gold shillings are known and each is unique, one with a plain edge (this coin): the other with a milled edge. There also are two gold sixpences in existence: both sixpences are plain edge, one struck on a thick planchet and the other struck using a thin planchet.

And what do we know about the availability of the gold Taylor shilling and sixpences beyond the coin on offer here? They are all held with Coinworks clients in long term holdings. In our view they will be out of reach for at least one, and more than likely two decades.

So while we acknowledge that taking this coin is a serious decision (because the coin is priced at $375,000), passing on it is an even more serious decision. Given the rarity of the coins that make up this area of the market, this may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Unequivocally this offer is a genuine investment opportunity.

The Gold Taylor coins are rarities of the highest order and of the greatest historical significance. The Kangaroo Office was a bold plan by English entrepreneurs to establish Australia’s first privately run Mint in Melbourne. The planning phase began in London, in 1853. Coining operations finally commenced in May of the following year. Three years on, after substantial losses, the mint was closed.

Now while it is true that W J Taylor never achieved his ambitions, the Port Phillip Kangaroo Office coins are revered by collectors and investors in Australia. And right across the globe.

The coins struck at Melbourne’s ‘Kangaroo Office’ in the 1850s have been owned by some of the greatest collectors of our time. Murdoch, Strauss, Hadley … even King Farouk of Egypt owned a gold Port Phillip Kangaroo Office coin.

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