1921 Square Halfpenny

1921 Square Halfpenny
1921 Square Halfpenny
1921 Square Halfpenny
$ 95,000
Sold May 2016
Choice Uncirculated
Jaggards, Roxburys Auction 2008
Supremely rare, with less than ten known, the 1921 Square Halfpenny has always been viewed as one of Australia’s greatest Commonwealth coin rarities. But great coin rarities have an edge that goes far beyond their exclusivity, they reflect great moments in history and have an impactful story to tell. The 1921 Square Halfpenny is evidence of the Labor Government’s grand plan in the 1920s to overhaul the nation’s coinage, to break away from British designs and traditions by introducing a uniquely Australian Penny and Halfpenny. Some may say it was the rumblings of a Republican movement way ahead of its time.
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The mood of the nation had changed after World War I. A laughing kookaburra design and the depiction of the monarch without a crown were two of the elements of the new coinage that while highly contentious and provocative, the Government hoped would be accepted, caught up in the wave of nationalism that was sweeping the nation post World War I.

Points to note with this 1921 Square Halfpenny.

  1. Rarity
    The Kookaburra Halfpenny is of the highest rarity with less than ten known.

  2. Quality
    This 1921 Square Halfpenny is unequivocally the finest that we have handled. The striking is highly detailed, the edges undamaged and regular. The surfaces are impeccable. The photographs clearly show the quality of this coin.

  3. Demand
    As stated above, there are less than ten Square Halfpennies known. The demand for the Halfpenny becomes clear when you consider that there are perhaps two hundred Square Pennies available to collectors. (Most collectors like to have cohesion and completeness within their collection which means for the owner of a Square Penny acquiring a Square Halfpenny has to be the ultimate goal.)

  4. Provenance
    This coin presents a solid and well recorded provenance – and that is the exception when it comes to the Kookaburra coins.

  5. Potential for Growth
    There are several growth indicators that should be assessed when it comes to evaluating a coin for its investment worth. Rarity and quality are the prime considerations and this coin is a stand out piece on both counts. But it is the price of this coin that ultimately leads us to say that it has great potential for growth. Historical sales data shows that when the price of the 1921 Square Halfpenny (this coin) is approximately double that of the 1921 Square Penny, the coin presents excellent buying. And is well positioned to grow in value.


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