1852 Adelaide Pound Die II

1852 Adelaide Pound II - about Uncirculated
1852 Adelaide Pound Die II
1852 Adelaide Pound Die II
about Uncirculated
Private Collection Victoria
$ 55,000
Every once in a while a coin comes along that completely grabs your attention and turns your head. It is the quality. It is the striking. It is the state of the fields. And the critical fourth point, it is the price. This coin, in our view, presents the perfect package.
Sold October 2015
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This particular Adelaide Pound is a head turner. The quality is impactful and it offers inordinate value for your investment dollars.

Consider the following:

  1. This Adelaide Pound is graded at about Uncirculated, with just a whisper touch to the high points
  2. Gold is a soft metal and the rigours of circulation can impact harshly on a coin’s surfaces. Not so with this Adelaide Pound. The fields are remarkable.
  3. History records that the striking of the Adelaide Pound was beset with difficulties. Pressure was reduced on the dies to lengthen their usage. This decision had its consequences, impacting on the strength of the striking, in particular the edges and the legend. This coin has strength in the striking.
  4. This Adelaide Pound has original colour, aged toning and is beautifully preserved.

The outstanding quality attributes of this piece and the unique historical status of the Adelaide Pound ensure that this coin will always be sought after. The price is simply the added bonus.

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