1852 Adelaide Pound Cracked Die

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1852 Adelaide Pound Cracked Die
1852 Adelaide Pound Cracked Die
Good Very Fine / about Extremely Fine
Private Collection Western Australia
$ 110,000
The Cracked Die is so named because a crack developed in the DWT area of the legend during the striking of the first forty coins at the Adelaide Government Assay Office. With so few struck and even fewer surviving today, the Cracked Die (or first Die) is one of the nation’s greatest coin rarities.
Sold November 2014
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This coin will make owning a Cracked Die Adelaide Pound a reality for just one buyer. In our opinion it is the perfect package, presenting a coin that while circulated still has its original gold lustre and presents NONE of the defects or flaws that are normally associated with circulating gold coins. Moreover, it is affordable.

It is a fact that the majority of Cracked Dies have circulated.

It is also a fact that gold is a soft metal and the rigours of circulation have treated the majority of Cracked Dies harshly. Most of the coins that we see (and reject) have serious knocks and obvious flaws that are clearly visible to the naked eye.

Making the task of acquiring a quality example of the Cracked Die even harder, many of the known examples have been mounted in jewellery thereby damaging the edges and surfaces.

That’s why we are so excited about this coin.

This Cracked Die is a beauty; a superb piece of 22 carat gold. That the coin has somehow managed to survive the last one hundred and sixty two years relatively unscathed is miraculous.

The Cracked Die has a unique place in Australia’s currency history as Australia’s very first gold coin. It is a national treasure: recognised worldwide as one of Australia’s most prestigious coins. The appeal of the Cracked Die is timeless.

The production of the nation’s first gold coin at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide was plagued with problems. Excessive pressure exerted during the early stages of the minting process cracked the reverse die.

Approximately forty Adelaide Pounds were issued before the crack was noticed in the DWT area of the legend, making it a rarity of the highest proportions.

The ‘crack’ that developed in legend meant that few specimens were held aside as ‘perfect’ examples of the striking of Australia’s first gold coin. 

That’s the very reason why most Cracked Dies come circulated. And the few that have not circulated at all have a very high six figure price tag.

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