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Coinworks reputation as Australia’s leading rare coin and banknote dealer was never more evident than in 2014 when the company was appointed to sell some of the nation’s rarest and most sought-after historical pieces that included the Commonwealth of Australia’s first ever banknote M000001, the finest known uncirculated 1813 Holey Dollar and a superb range of proof gold including the unique 1870 Sydney Mint Proof Sovereign.

Never one to rest on its laurels Coinworks capped off the year with the sale of a sequential pair of Australia’s first Commonwealth banknotes numbered M000004 and M000005 and a superb collection of quality gold half sovereigns and sovereigns, the former property of Tom Hadley.

Coinworks has already been contracted to sell more than $4 million of prime material in the coming year that involve:

  • A collection of proof gold sovereigns and half sovereigns that include the Sydney Mint 1871 Proof Sovereign and 1871 Proof Half Sovereign. Unique in private hands, the coins are the very first gold proofs to be struck in Australia. The 1871 Proof Sovereign, in particular, has a provenance that can be traced back to 1888, seventeen years after it was struck. 
  • A collection of seven 1937 Pattern coins, two of which are unique, including the double-sided penny, model penny, a stunning uniface florin, uniface shilling and superb uniface threepence.
  • One the rarest types of 1813 Colonial Dumps and the very finest of its type … a superb combination of rarity and quality. The former property of world renowned collector J J Ford.
    1813 NSW Dump
  • Bank of New South Wales, Twenty Spanish Dollars, issued on 1 January 1824, when the penal colony operated under a dollar standard. Hand signed by Directors of the Bank of New South Wales, Edward Wollstonecraft and John Oxley, the note is unique in private hands and one of the earliest recorded private banknotes. Technically it also is the nation’s very first decimal banknote.
    20 Spanish Dollars
  • The ‘Madrid’ Holey Dollar. The only privately held example of an 1813 Holey Dollar struck from a Silver Dollar minted in Madrid. At good Extremely Fine, it also is one of the finest of all the known surviving Holey Dollars. Ascribed by Spink Auctions as “certainly the most desirable of all Holey Dollars”, the ‘Madrid’ Holey Dollar sold for $58,000 in 1988 setting a then world record price.
    Madrid Holey Dollar
  • Original cased 1916 Specimen Set, from the Royal Australian Mint Archives, to be offered with Royal Australian Mint documentation.
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