1956 Perth Proof Penny

1956 Perth Mont Proof Penny date side
1956 Perth Proof Penny
1956 Perth Proof Penny
Superb FDC
Private Collection Sydney
$ 20,000
We are a company that prides itself on offering premium quality rarities, across all dollar levels, and this 1956 Perth Mint Proof Penny fulfils our ideals in every regard. The coin presents quality that would be hard to improve upon … a blazing, solid orange copper proof with impeccable surfaces. At this quality level it is a stand-out rarity. Of the series of Perth Mint proofs struck between 1955 and 1963, the 1956 Proof Penny is in our view the hardest to find in top quality.
Sold December 2016
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It is a fact that the majority of 1956 Perth Proof Pennies that we have sold over the past few years have been sourced from collectors of long standing or have been bought back from our clients. But if we are looking for new inventory in this area of the market then we openly state that it is extremely difficult to find top quality examples out in the market place.

Their extreme scarcity relates to the original mintage and the level of care given to preserving the coins to the highest quality standards over the years.

  • The original mintage of Perth proof pennies in 1956 was a meagre 417 coins, so a 1956 Perth Proof Penny is scarce in any quality.
  • The coins sold in the 1950s were not housed in protective packaging but rather wrapped in cellophane paper. Toning and harsh spotting is almost the norm for Perth proofs, thereby reducing the pool of quality examples to a truly minuscule number.
  • To quantify the availability of examples we suggest that you would be lucky to sight one premium quality 1956 Perth Proof Penny on the open market annually.

This coin is a stand-out rarity and a stand-alone investment piece.

Treasury gave official approval for the Perth Mint to commence striking proof coins for collectors on a commercial basis in 1955. The coins were released annually with an official issue price of face value plus a premium of one shilling per coin … mintages averaged around the 1,500 mark. The series came to a conclusion in 1963, just prior to decimal currency changeover.

The proof coins struck between 1955 and 1963 are one of the most popular areas of the market for pre-decimal coin buyers. They have an excellent track record for appreciation and the price at which they are sold attracts maximum buyer interest. They are a perfect entry point into the Australian rare coin market. Limited edition collector coins at affordable prices.

They also come at the top of our list of recommendations for clients looking to tuck something special away for their children or grandchildren.

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