1956 Perth Proof Penny

1956 Perth Proof Penny Date side
1956 Perth Proof Penny
1956 Perth Proof Penny
Superb FDC
Private Collection Victoria
$ 25,000
At Coinworks we truly respect provenances. The reason is simple. Great collectors aspire to great coins, their ultimate goal to have the very best. The owner of this 1956 Perth Mint Proof Penny was one such ‘great collector’. And this coin is unequivocally one of the best. While we have respected the vendor’s anonymity in the public forum of our web site, we can say that he is a consummate collector and an expert on proof coinage. And author on the same.
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This 1956 Perth Proof Penny is simply spectacular. Furthermore the coin is one of the key coins in the series with a minuscule mintage of 417 coins. Its quality is superb: a blazing copper proof. One of the finest we have handled, it is coins of this ilk that set the benchmark for all other known examples.

The prospect of acquiring such a superb proof rarity is a genuine once in a decade opportunity.

Now while it is true that lesser quality specimens are sighted each year. They will always be that … lesser quality. And in our view lesser quality specimens can prove to be unreliable investments.

Investment opportunities are in our opinion maximised by targeting the very best.

Treasury gave official approval for the Perth Mint to commence striking proof coins for collectors on a commercial basis in 1955. Released annually, the series came to a conclusion in 1963, just prior to decimal currency changeover.

It is a fact that the series of proofs struck between 1955 and 1963 is one of the most popular areas of the market for pre-decimal coin buyers. The coins have an excellent track record for appreciation and the price at which they are sold attracts maximum buyer interest.

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