1937 Proof Crown

1937 Proof Crown
1937 Proof Crown
1937 Proof Crown
Superb FDC
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 35,000
Astute buyers understand the value of history. History is on-going and with the passing of time the historical value of fine pieces of Australiana can only increase. Astute buyers also understand the value of quality. And everyone respects the impact of rarity. This Proof 1937 Crown offers all three.
1937 Proof Crown
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So let’s talk about each of these traits, history, quality and rarity in relation to the Proof 1937 Crown.

When Edward VIII decided to abdicate the British throne in 1936, currency issues throughout the world were thrown into disarray. To distract from the chaos, the Australian Government issued its first five-shilling piece, the 1937 Crown, depicting the portrait of the new king George VI (Edward’s brother).

The notion of a Crown was pushed by the Treasurer of the day, R G Casey and is still to this day referred to as ‘Casey’s Cartwheel’.

No other coins were issued in 1937, bar the crown. So the 1937 Proof Crown was the only proof issue struck and feels the full force of collector attention. Highly historical? Absolutely.

Now let’s talk about quality. This coin is impressive, a sizeable 38.5mm in diameter. The fields are substantial and as a proof coin, they are superbly mirrored contrasting the highly detailed crown designed by G K Gray. We know that the striking was well controlled, the mint aiming for perfection, because the coin shows the classic striations associated with the striking of the 1937 Proof Crown.

As always in the selection of rare coins we set our standards high to deliver uncompromised quality to our clients. And this coin is a superb FDC.

The rarity of the Proof 1937 Crown is the icing on the cake for the mintage is a meagre 100 pieces.

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