1930 Penny gf
1930 Penny gf date side
1930 Penny
Good Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 29,500
The 1930 Penny is the coin that most Australian coin collectors want to have in their collection. It’s also the coin that most coin collectors boast about owning. And this particular 1930 Penny is a beauty. Yes it has circulated, but the rigours of circulation have treated the coin kindly. The obverse is graded good Fine and shows six pearls and a partial central diamond. The lower scroll is strong, the upper scroll also is strong. The inner beading is crisp. The edges are nice. The coin is evenly toned and has minimal marks in the field and is extremely attractive to look at even though it has circulated. It is a coin that you would be proud to show your family and friends.

The 1930 Penny is a national icon and its star status has made it one of Australia’s most valuable coins. What’s most interesting is that the 1930 Penny stumbled into fame.

Officially the 1930 Penny was never struck and a review of minting records at the Melbourne Mint confirms that no pennies were struck for circulation in that year. The mint does however have a record of the six Proof 1930 Pennies that were struck as museum pieces.

The suspected mintage of the 1930 Penny is 1500 to 2000.

The 1930 Penny is still to this day the glamour coin of the numismatics industry and is unrivalled for popularity, enjoying a constant stream of demand unmatched by any other numismatic rarity.