1917 Proof Sixpence

1917 Proof Sixpence date side
1917 Proof Sixpence
1917 Proof Sixpence
1917 Proof Sixpence
Superb FDC
Madrid Collection Australian Rare Coins 1994, Private Collection Melbourne 2005
$ 35,000
This 1917 Proof Sixpence (emphasis on the word 'Proof') was crafted as the representative example of those coins released into circulation in the very same year. One perfect example symbolising a year's toil. One absolute showpiece to be preserved in archives so that future generations could reflect on - and embrace - Australia's proud coining history. Given the intended purpose of this 1917 Proof Sixpence - a perfect example and an absolute showpiece - the coin was crafted to the highest quality standards with a superbly detailed design, mirror-ice smooth fields and strong, well defined edges. This coin is powerful and impressive. And that's exactly how it was intended. Furthermore it is rare. It is the only Proof 1917 Sixpence that we have sighted on the collector market.
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1917 Proof Sixpence
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This 1917 Proof Sixpence was struck 100 years ago and yet looking at it, you would think it was just plucked off the proof coining press.

This coin represents a century of history. It also is a piece of national significance for 1917 was the very first year that the Melbourne Mint struck proof coinage.

Testimony to this coin's importance, an example is held in the Museum of Victoria Archives.

Sold privately in 1994 to the famed Madrid Collection of Australian Rare Coin, then to a private collector in Melbourne in 2005, this coin has changed hands only twice over the last twenty two years.

And that is a typical holding pattern for most top rarities. Coins of this ilk are quite literally once-in-a-decade opportunities.

Question ... what makes this coin so special? Answer ... the method of striking and its rarity.

Question ... why don’t we see more of these coins popping up? Answer .... again the limited numbers minted.


The production of proofs in this era necessitated a ‘kid-gloves’ approach and was labour intensive: hence the limited numbers struck.

  • The blanks were hand-picked, highly polished to produce a coin that has a mirror shine and ice-smooth fields.
  • The blanks were hardened and brushed to ensure that the design was sharp and almost three-dimensional in its appearance.
  • The dies were struck twice to create a sharp, well-defined design.
  • The rims encircling the coins were always high, creating a picture frame effect and encasing the coin. The pristine nature of the striking is particularly evident in the denticles. They are crisp and uniformly spaced around the circumference of the coin.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire an important piece of Australia’s coinage history.


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