1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign

1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign
1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign
1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign
1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign
Brilliant Uncirculated
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 25,000
No one could have envisaged in 1887 when the mint master authorized the striking of the Queen Victoria Young Head Shield Sovereign that the coin would one day become a world class rarity. Nor can we imagine how this particular 1887 Sovereign, struck in the factory conditions of the Melbourne Mint, came through the production process to become a prized collector piece. Brilliantly preserved, it must have been put aside soon after it was struck.
Sold February 2017
1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign
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We note the appearance of the ‘kiss-curl’ in Queen Victoria’s hair in front of her ear in this coin … the tell-tale sign of a premium quality Young Head Sovereign.

Perhaps the person involved was aware that the Young Head design was being superseded and replaced with the Jubilee design, making this coin even more special as the very last year of its design.

(The Young Head design ran from 1871 to 1887. The Jubilee design ran from 1887 to 1893, the cross over year being 1887.)

The 1887 Sovereign is a prized rarity in the Queen Victoria Young Head Shield Sovereign series.

Out of the seventeen years that this design ran there are only three key dates: the 1880 Sovereign struck at the Sydney Mint. And the 1886 Sovereign and 1887 Sovereign (this coin) struck at the Melbourne Mint.

These coins are scarce in any quality. In Brilliant Uncirculated they are world class rarities with an appearance on the market that is not counted in months … but appearances every decade.

This 1887 Melbourne Mint Sovereign is a remarkable piece of Australia’s currency history and a genuine rarity at a truly affordable price.   

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