1871 Sovereign Sydney Mint

1871 Sovereign Sydney Mint
1871 Sovereign Sydney Mint
1871 Sovereign Sydney Mint
Brilliant Uncirculated
Spink Auctions 1981, Jaggard, Paul Terry, Hadley
$ 20,000
This coin is noted as the finest known. Visually it is a stand out piece. The striking is highly detailed, the coin still retains original golden lustre. What is remarkable is that this coin was struck for circulation more than a century ago in what can only be described as a factory environment.
Sold February 2016
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Note the coin’s former owners. It comes as no surprise. Great collectors only ever own great coins.

The year 1871 is pivotal in Australia’s gold coin history. A new obverse portrait of Queen Victoria was introduced in that year. Known as the Young Head design it remained on Australia’s sovereigns until 1887. Two new reverse designs were also introduced in 1871 running in tandem: the Shield design by Jean Baptiste Merlen and the St George slaying the dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci.

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