1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign, a lustrous example of the nation's very first sovereign.

1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign, a lustrous example of the nation's very first sovereign.
1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign, a lustrous example of the nation's very first sovereign.
Good Extremely Fine, with strong design details and highly reflective fields
Private Collection Melbourne
For collectors looking to obtain just one gold sovereign, the nation’s very first issue - the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign - is the obvious choice. The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign offers so much to the collector. There is the challenge of acquisition because the coin is extremely rare in the quality level offered here. We would be lucky to sight one, perhaps two, high quality 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereigns on the open market annually. The coin also offers collectors exceptional value. A quick check on the availability and price of comparable quality 1852 Adelaide Pounds and 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereigns affirms the value that the sovereign presents in today's market. Held by a Coinworks client since 2007, this stunning, yet affordable, 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is available now.
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There are four things we know about the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign. Widespread appeal. Extremely rare. Unique status. And great value for your investment dollars.

We expand upon these four points below.

Widespread appeal

The 1855 Sydney Mint sovereign has appeal that extends well beyond the traditional numismatic/collector market. Sovereigns have universal appeal, regarded by many families as having heirloom qualities. Among the myriad of dates that the sovereign series offers, the nation's very first (1855) has prime appeal.

Extremely rare

The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is rare and high quality examples, are particularly so. We would expect to sight one, perhaps two premium examples on the market annually.

Unique status

The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign holds a unique status as Australia's first gold sovereign struck at the nation's very first mint, the Sydney Mint. History fuels demand, and provides a relevance for purchase, ensuring that the 1855 Sovereign will always be sought after, now and into the future.

And great value for your investment dollars

The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is undervalued at its current price structure. We contrasted the 1852 Adelaide Pound and the 1855 Sovereign in the comparable quality of Good Extremely Fine, checking availability and price.

We noted that there are four times as many Adelaide Pounds available to collectors as there are 1855 Sovereigns. And yet price-wise, the 1855 Sovereign commands less dollars.

Over time we believe this price disparity will be addressed. Which is why we maintain that high quality 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereigns are great coins to tuck away for the future.

A final comment on the supreme quality of this 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign as demonstrated by the chart below.

Every circulated coin has a grading level at which serious rarity kicks in. That is the point at which the balance between acquiring a coin as a collectible - and as an investment - shifts more towards the latter.

The bar chart below clearly shows that rarity for the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign really cuts in at ‘About Extremely Fine’. And that as the quality gets higher, from Good Extremely Fine (this coin), About Uncirculated up to Uncirculated (and better), the availability of examples rapidly diminishes.

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the story of australia's first sovereign


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