1852 Adelaide Pound

1852 Adelaide Pound Date Side
1852 Adelaide Pound
1852 Adelaide Pound
Very Fine / Good Very Fine
Private Collector Melbourne
$ 19,500
This coin will make owning an example of the 1852 Adelaide Pound a reality for just one buyer. Yes the coin has circulated but it has passed our stringent selection protocols and is a beauty. A quick glance at the coin and the price tells you that it will be quickly snapped up.
Sold September 2016
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We respect that there is a solid market across all quality levels and all price levels for the 1852 Adelaide Pound. It is after all the nation’s very first gold coin, struck at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide and its unique historical status ensures that it will always be in demand.  

Now we openly state that we are tough when it comes to selecting Adelaide Pounds so finding a circulated example that still excites us is no easy task. Which is why we are so thrilled about this coin.

Because gold is a soft metal, the majority of circulated gold coins show obvious defects that are clearly visible to the naked eye. Not this coin. It is a genuinely attractive example.

When it comes to Adelaide Pounds we are also quite fussy about the striking. We know that there were problems during the minting of the Adelaide Pounds. Too much pressure and the die cracked. Too little pressure and the coin showed design weakness in the denticles and the area of the legend ‘Assay Office’.

This Adelaide Pound is very impressive. The striking is strong and the rigours of circulation have treated the coin very kindly. It is a coin that you would be proud to show your family and friends.

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