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1852 Adelaide Pound First or Cracked Die
1852 Adelaide Pound First or Cracked Die
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The pride and joy of owning the 1852 Cracked Die Adelaide Pound is indefinable and for many Australians this coin is an ultimate goal. The coin was minted at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide and is the nation’s very first gold coin affording it a unique position in history.
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Furthermore the Cracked Die Adelaide Pound is rare with less than forty examples available to private collectors, across all levels of quality.

First die? Cracked Die? Was there a second die? It is a fact that two different dies were used in the production of the Adelaide Pound. The first featured a beaded inner circle and produced approximately 40 coins before a die crack was noticed as illustrated in the image below. (That’s why the terms First Die and Cracked Die are synonymous.)


1852 Adelaide Pound Cracked Die

A second die, featuring a crenellated inner circle, was then taken up and was used to strike a further 24,600-plus coins.

Not only is there a distinct design difference between the coins struck from the first and second die, what is obvious from the figures is that those Adelaide Pounds struck using the first die are incredibly rare.

Rare in any quality, this Cracked Die Adelaide Pound is especially scarce in the superior quality level offered here.

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