1852 Adelaide Pound First or Cracked Die

1852 Cracked Die Revb&b
1852 Adelaide Pound First or Cracked Die
1852 Adelaide Pound First or Cracked Die
about Extremely Fine
Private Collection NSW
The collector that is keen to acquire an 1852 Cracked Die Adelaide Pound should not go past this piece. The coin will withstand the strongest scrutiny for it has minimal marks in both the fields and the edges. And at $88,000, it is well priced. Given that there are only forty Cracked Dies available to collectors we believe this coin is more than ‘well priced’. It is a ‘steal’. In consideration of the extreme rarity of Cracked Dies, we don’t preclude investors from this dialogue either.
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This 1852 Adelaide Pound was minted at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide and was struck using the first reverse die that featured a beaded inner circle. The crack in the ‘DWT’ area of the legend confirms that it is indeed a famous Cracked Die, struck during the run of the first forty Adelaide Pounds.

From a technical perspective, this coin features the ‘thin’ crack.

There are about forty 1852 Cracked Die Adelaide Pounds available to collectors. And let’s be clear on this point. That’s forty coins across all levels of quality, from the very best to the very worst. 

1852 Adelaide Pound Cracked Die

The very best are so few and far between they command a half million dollar price tag making them out of reach financially for most collectors.

Now let’s consider the very worst examples. Because gold is a soft metal, well used Adelaide Pounds are in the main rough and ready and a bit unsightly. Some have even been gilded for mounting in jewellery.

Which is why we have no hesitation in recommending this coin.

Yes this 1852 Cracked Die Adelaide Pound has been used (slightly) but the rigours of circulation have treated the coin very kindly. 

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