1813 Holey Dollar owned by revered collector Philip Spalding.

BB - 7 1813 Holey Dollar Charles IIII 1808-6 near EF rev 161118-51
1813 Holey Dollar
1813 Holey Dollar
about Extremely Fine / Extremely Fine
Philip Spalding, Private Collection Melbourne
$ 275,000
The Holey Dollar, whether it is an example that has been well used or it is one of the very best, has a special meaning to Australian collectors. It is the founding coin of this industry, the nation's very first coin. And it is not unusual to see collectors owning more than one example. Philip Spalding was one such collector. Revered numismatist and acclaimed author, he owned some of Australia’s most important Holey Dollars, including this coin. It is a statement on the calibre of this Holey Dollar that Spalding chose it to adorn the front cover of his famous book, The World of the Holey Dollar. Open Spalding's book, and the coin is again featured on the title page. The very reason why this coin was displayed in Sydney in 2013 as part of an Exhibition sponsored by the Macquarie Group in celebration of the 200th anniversary (1813 - 2013) of Holey Dollar.
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BB - 7A 1813 Holey Dollar Charles IIII 1808-6 near EF obv 161118-62
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The pride of owning a 'Philip Spalding' Holey Dollar is immeasurable and is a feeling that is enjoyed by only a handful of collectors.

Only one person out of this very small and privileged group can however claim to have their Holey Dollar featured on the front cover of Spalding’s eminent book.

Now in a retirement phase the current owner is passing the baton of owning this prized possession to a new collector. And with it the opportunity to take up an unparalleled investment opportunity.

The specifics of this coins are as follows. Struck on a Charles IIII 1808, Mexico Mint Silver Dollar the original coin is graded at about Extremely Fine. The countermarks New South Wales, Five Shillings and 1813 are graded higher again at Extremely Fine. And this coin is in the top ten per cent for quality.

Perhaps it was the date '1808', or its superior quality, but the coin was quite obviously special to Spalding for he had many Holey Dollars to choose from.

When you are talking Holey Dollars unequivocally, Philip Spalding is the most revered name in numismatics.

Spalding was passionate about Australia’s first coin, the 1813 Holey Dollar. And he owned many examples.

His passion however extended far beyond ownership. He authored what is still to this day regarded as the ultimate reference on the history of Australia’s Holey Dollar.

Published in 1973, ‘The World of the Holey Dollar’ is his greatest legacy and one of the finest contributions to the study of numismatics.

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