1813 Dump

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1813 Dump
1813 Dump
about Very Fine
Private Collector Melbourne
$ 25,000
It’s the 1813 Colonial Dump that has it all. All the technical and aesthetic attributes that a collector would wish for. But without the hefty price tag. Furthermore it was struck using the rarer D/2 dies. An added bonus.
Sold July 2016
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Quality-wise, this Colonial Dump at about Very Fine is at least two grades higher than your average quality example. The Dump with a value of fifteen pence circulated widely in the colony. It is a fact that most Dumps are found today with minimal design attributes, gouges and knocks.

Not so with this coin. It is a beauty.

  • The legend New South Wales and the date 1813 are strong.
  • The reverse lettering, Fifteen Pence, is strong.
  • Notice the oblique milling around the edge. Well defined and fully evident.
  • The presence of undertype in a colonial Dump is highly prized and is particularly strong in this coin on the reverse. You can clearly see the cross bars in the shield and the castle: original design details from the Spanish Silver Dollar

Two mainstream dies were used in the striking of the Colonial Dump, the D/2 and the A/1 dies. Over and above our quality protocols, we are particularly picky when selecting a D/2 Dump for most have some design shortcomings. The date can be partially obliterated. And the legend New South Wales can also be partially evident. (Historians suggest that the D/2 dies were the first dies used and that they were simply too large for the metal disc. Once Henshall realised that his coinage was lacking, he took up the A/1 dies.)

Now while we respect that these deficiencies reflect a problem with the die, it is truly exciting for us to see a D/2 Dump that has a complete date, 1813. And a complete New South Wales. And even the presence of some denticles.

This D/2 Dump is an exception to those most commonly seen, which is another reason why we say it is the Dump that has it all.

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