1813 Dump

1813 A1 Dump about VF rev Large B&B 1 May 2018
1813 A1 Dump about VF obv B&B 1 May 2018
1813 Dump
1813 Dump
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Complete edge denticles that ‘picture-frame’ the coin. A strong Crown, legend New South Wales and date 1813. This Dump has all the features a collector would be looking for and is at least two grades higher than your average example. But without the hefty price tag. When William Henshall created the nation’s first coins, the Holey Dollar and the Dump, he began the process by punching a hole into a Spanish Silver Dollar. The Dump was the centre piece that fell out of the silver dollar and was over stamped by Henshall with a value of fifteen pence, the date 1813, a crown and the issuing authority of New South Wales. Revered as one of Australia’s class coin rarities, the coin is in demand at all quality levels and all dollar levels.
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1813 A1 Dump about VF obv B&B 1 May 2018
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The 1813 Dump and its partner the Holey Dollar were the first coins struck in Australia. Not only are they rare, but their fascinating history has made them two of the world’s most famous coins.

The Dump with a value of fifteen pence circulated widely in the colony, the very reason why most of them are found today with minimal design attributes, harsh gouges and knocks and many of them are noted as having been submerged in water, developing porous surfaces.

This Dump has the following attributes.

  • The coin was struck with the type A/1 dies which produced a coin that was classically well centred and aesthetically pleasing.
  • A strong legend, New South Wales. A strong date of 1813. And a well-defined value of fifteen pence.
  • A solid crown showing the pearls and the fleur-de-lis
  • William Henshall left his mark by incorporating an 'H' into some – but not all – of the dies used to strike the Dump. The ‘H’ for Henshall is clear on this coin and its presence is highly prized.
  • Complete denticles, rarely ever sighted even in some of the very best Dump examples.

This is a classic example of Henshall’s masterpiece, struck with the A/1 dies, offered at a price that won’t break the bank.

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